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10 Reasons Why You Should Market Your Business on Facebook in 2022

Marketing on Facebook is no longer optional rather a must if you want to gain a competitive edge in the market. Having over 2.9 billion monthly active users in the third quarter of 2021, Facebook is arguably the most popular social media platform.

The last few years have witnessed Facebook becoming a top marketing hub for companies to connect to their future customers. Aside from that, Facebook marketing is the easiest and most inexpensive way to exploit a huge array of untapped audience, gain valuable insights, and grow your brand - be it a local startup or an MNC.

Here are a few reasons justifying why every business should leverage Facebook marketing.

1. Get in Touch with a Wide Audience
Having more active users than any other social media platform, Facebook offers brands access to the largest user base. The audience on Facebook is not huge but spanned across various demographics as well. That is, the advertiser is going to find the desired audience or future customers regardless of the business nature.

With captivating and appealing content, you can build an audience that believes in your product and service and becomes repeated customers.

2. Rely on Multiple Forms of Engagement
As opposed to other digital platforms, Facebook provides a plethora of ways to engage with users and get valuable insights. Depending on the demography of the potential audience, the advertisers can use Facebook ads, stories, posts, or even go live to gain maximum eyeballs at any stage of the engagement journey.

That is, you can delight the audience with appealing visuals or something highly memorable to pique their interests. Moreover, Facebook offers the targeted ad service to let advertisers hit specific audience based on their age, demography, preference, and so on.

3. Boost Brand Awareness
In today’s era of the ever-competitive business landscape, businesses have to constantly engage with audience to extend their brand reach even further. The forward-looking managers leverage Facebook marketing to tell their inspiring stories, their long-term goals, what special services or products they offer and keep the audience updated with the latest deals and discounts.

Aside from building the credibility of your brand, you’re establishing your brand as a thought leader when people get all insights and information about “who you are and what you aspire to bring.”

4. Generate Leads
Lead generation is one of the highlighted benefits of Facebook marketing. Your customers get a quick and low-cost way to express their interest in your product. You can design targeted ads to collect leads by allowing users to click on lead ads that concern them.

Try to create meaningful conversations, engage in social discussions, and post interesting videos and trends to gain leads.

5. Stay on Top of Mind of Customers
A huge percentage of Facebook users peek into their accounts at least once a day. Putting it differently, Facebook marketing allows you to connect with your audience multiple times a day and stay on top of their minds whenever they are ready to make a purchase.

Be sure to post informative and engaging content to not let your followers get bored or unfollow you. It’s important as many brands tend to use click-baits or post the same content again and again, which irritates even loyal customers to unfollow or mute their ads.

6. Build Brand Authenticity
Facebook marketing is one of the simplest ways to learn what people think of your brand and get customers’ feedback. Instead of brushing away the criticism, use it as a way to improve the weaker areas of your business and further reinforce aspects that meet the customers’ expectations.

Additionally, engage in social media chats, reply to the customers’ concerns and feedback, and create webinars and how-to guides to help people as well as build yourself as a credible brand. On top of that, you make an ambassador out of every customer who starts promoting your service or product to their mates.

Research shows that people are three times as likely to trust recommendations from their friends or family members than from official brands.

7. Drive Traffic Directly to Your Official Website
Facebook ads give you an option to direct the audience directly to your brand’s official website. Goes without saying that not many users are interested in browsing the official site but if your content is engaging and enticing, it can make the customers reach your site. What it does is allow the audience to learn more about your products which often results in more sales.

8. Keep Tabs on your Competitors
It’s hard to name a credible business that’s not on Facebook yet. Even so, you’ll find tons of feedback and customer reviews about each and every brand with just a few clicks. The forward-looking businesses always monitor their competitors to get an idea of where they’re lagging and how to improve their customer-client relationship.

Use Facebook marketing to be aware of when your competitors are launching new products, how the audience is responding to their services, and how they interact with customers. This analysis is going to help you in improving your service and winning new customers.

9. Collaborate with Influencers
Celebrities play a huge role in shaping the customers’ buying trends. Many brands partner with influencers – who have a huge fan following – to get the attention of an audience who otherwise won’t ever know about your business.

Getting recommendations from a celebrity gives authenticity to your brand and sets your business up for more sales.

10. Keep Your Existing Audience Engaged
Last but not least, Facebook marketing is probably the simplest way to keep get in touch with your existing customers. Keep answering their concerns, updating them about new products/services, and discounts and deals to ensure they stay loyal to your brand.

These are the top 10 benefits of promoting your brand on Facebook. Clearly, your brand has a lot more to achieve with Facebook marketing and if you’re still not advertising on Facebook, you’re definitely missing out on a lot of opportunities to grow your business.
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