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JARED DALTON, CEO, The Jared Dalton Agency - Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency


Accomplished, award-winning social media extraordinaire, Jared Dalton started his agency in 2012. The Jared Dalton Agency has taken on digital marketing, campaigns, and partnerships with companies like Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center, the Urban League of Middle Tennessee, Oz Arts, the Rural Health Association of Tennessee, and many others. The agency has supported start-ups, nonprofits, small business owners, and corporations to take advantage of their digital presence to increase their visibility, reach, clientele and revenue. 


A Nashville native, Jared is well-known for his entrepreneurial spirit and benevolent heart. Jared has made it a point to support Nashville’s youth by volunteering at local public schools and teaching acting and financial literacy classes. He also supports aspiring marketing professionals by sharing his skills with collegiate students, and hosting student interns and community workshops.


The Jared Dalton Agency is a BBB-accredited company, certifying the company’s legacy of quality, authenticity, and trust.

Brand Strategy:

Social Media has revolutionized how we’ve connected with our customers, the way we speak to them, and the relationship we build with them. Your business success is depended upon how well you have built a community with your audience and how well you engage them.

The Jared Dalton Agency will help you come up with a strategy that will guarantee increased engagement with your business and do all of the work for you!

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