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What My Clients Have To Say?

Working with The Jared Dalton Agency has been nothing short of amazing. He is very professional, understanding and committed to growing his client's business and overall reach. I could sleep well at night knowing that the marketing was in the hands of a professional. I fully appreciate the time Jared took to understand my business, research and compile market data and work his hardest to create strategies that would set me up for success. He is one of the hardest working social media strategists that I have come in contact with. You cannot go wrong in working with him. It will only be the beginning. Your business will soar. I recommend him a thousand times over. Thank you Jared!

Sparkle C.

I have been a client of the Jared Dalton Agency for over four years now, and it has proved to be a great decision for my business. I've always great products and services, but I'm terrible with multimedia and maintaining a presence on social media. The JDA was a great and affordable way to solve that problem. Most of my customers actually find me through my online presence, so the service pays for itself. Even when business spikes and I can't keep up, the agency stays consistent. Having a consistent, professional, and responsive partner with good customer service goes a VERY long way in business. I definitely have, and will continue to refer friends, family, and business acquaintances to the Jared Dalton Agency. I'm excited to see what the future holds going forward!

Tapiwa C.

We were overwhelmed with finding a way to advertise our new business. I had begun to post on my personal page pertaining to our business and I quickly found out how time consuming it was going to be. The Jared Dalton Agency has not only freed up our time to focus on other important areas of running the business, but there was an IMMEDIATE RESPONSE to our Business Page and a noticeable increase in sales within the first two weeks of utilizing the services!!!!

We are very satisfied with the professionalism and the maintenance of our multiple social media accounts which were created by The Jared Dalton Agency!!!

Ulisha B.

The Jared Dalton Agency manages our website and social media pages. He has given our organization a reliable and informative presence digital presence. He understands the message that our organization wants to convey and he conveys this message to the world.

Sheryl G.

I recommend the Jared Dalton Agency for your business social media needs. Jared has single handedly increased our online sales revenue and traffic. From FB to IG and Google Workspace, the JDA is managing our information and doing an amazing job.

Jimmy D.

Hiring Jared was the best decision we made! When we started our podcast we knew one of our pain points would be the lack of social media presence and consistency due to our busy schedules. That's where Jared came in. Jared pretty much built our social media platforms from zero followers, zero likes and zero fans, now all of that ha changed and we have a strong and still growing presence on the major social media platforms. Jared has been the remedy to our pain.

Eric C.


What My Clients Have To Say?

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