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The Jared Dalton Agency transcends the boundaries of traditional social media marketing, presenting an extensive array of services tailored to elevate your brand's presence. Our portfolio encompasses a variety of powerful marketing tools, including radio and TV advertising, influencer collaborations, innovative graphic and web design, as well as captivating video production, among others.

Our reach is not confined by geographical limits. With our specialized skills and extensive network, we enable your brand to engage effectively with your desired audience, whether they are local, regional, or national. Our diverse channels of connection include podcasts, FM radio, and television broadcasts that extend across 40 states, ensuring your message resonates far and wide.

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  • Executive Presence Marketing Package - Starting at $1,000/month
    Tailored for CEOs and high-level executives, this package is designed to amplify your LinkedIn presence with a touch of sophistication and professional flair. Complete LinkedIn management with daily engagement from Monday to Friday to establish a robust executive presence. Crafting and scheduling of strategic posts to position you as a thought leader in your industry. Professional content creation that resonates with fellow executives and industry influencers. Curated LinkedIn article development to highlight your expertise and insights.
  • Small Business Marketing Essentials - Starting at $1,500/month
    Elevate your brand's digital footprint with our comprehensive Small Business Marketing Package, crafted specifically for the dynamic needs of small businesses. Full Social Media Management: Engage your audience with our expert handling of three key social media platforms of your choice (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Threads, and/or Google Business), from Monday to Friday. We take care of everything, so you can focus on running your business. Professional Ad Design and Management: Amplify your reach with our bespoke social media advertising strategies. This package includes $250 towards targeted ads, ensuring maximum impact across your chosen platforms. Comprehensive Analytics Report: Get a clear picture of your online performance with our detailed analytics reports. Exclusive Strategy Session: Benefit from a complimentary 30-minute strategy consultation with our CEO. This session is designed to fine-tune your strategy, focusing on optimizing your top-performing posts, honing in on your target audience, and accelerating your growth trajectory.
  • VIP Marketing Suite - Starting at $2,500/month (BEST VALUE)
    Unlock the full potential of your brand with our VIP Marketing Package, an all-inclusive solution designed for maximum impact and unparalleled value. Comprehensive Social Media Management: Experience the ease of having us expertly manage three key social media platforms (choose from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Threads, and/or Google Business), Monday to Friday. We handle the details, you enjoy the growth. Customized Ad Design and Management: Boost your brand's visibility with our personalized social media advertising approach. Benefit from $500 allocated towards precisely targeted ads, enhancing your presence across your chosen platforms. Tailored Video Reel Series: Step into the spotlight with our professional video production services. Choose to visit our office, have our team travel to you, or collaborate remotely to create captivating video reels for your business. This service includes 6 hours of filming per quarter with our skilled production team (*travel fees may apply). Detailed Analytics Report: Gain valuable insights with our comprehensive analytics reports, tailored to your business. Personalized Strategy Consultation: Elevate your strategy with a 60-minute one-on-one session with our CEO. We'll dive deep into your content performance, target audience analysis, and growth trajectory, ensuring you're on the fastest path to success.
  • Other Comprehensive Digital Marketing and Media Services
    Elevate your brand's reach and impact with our diverse range of cutting-edge marketing and advertising solutions. Designed for businesses seeking to thrive in today's digital landscape, our services are tailored to meet your unique needs and objectives. Digital & FM Radio Advertising: Harness the power of audio media to capture your audience's attention, whether they're tuning in at home, in the car, or online. On-Demand & Streaming TV Advertising: Place your brand at the forefront of the latest trends with targeted ads on popular streaming platforms and on-demand services. Email Marketing & Automation: Engage your customers with personalized email campaigns, automated for efficiency and effectiveness. SEO Marketing: Boost your online visibility with our expert search engine optimization strategies, driving more organic traffic to your site. Social Media Management: Amplify your presence on social platforms with our comprehensive management services, from content creation to audience engagement. Flyer & Graphic Design: Make a visual impact with custom-designed flyers and graphics that reflect your brand's identity and message. Influencer Marketing: Tap into new audiences by partnering with influencers who resonate with your brand and its values. Web Design: Create a stunning, user-friendly website that encapsulates your brand's essence and serves as a digital hub for your audience. Marketing Consultations: Gain valuable insights and strategic advice with personalized consultations tailored to your business goals. Can't find what you're looking for? Reach out to us! Our extensive network of partners allows us to offer a wide range of additional services to meet your specific needs.
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